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Dear friends of Centre for Central European Architecture,

Centre for Central European Architecture is the first nonprofit organization in the Czech Republic, research and promotion of modern architecture. The aim of our work team consisting of architects, art theorists, cultural theorists, sociologists and other professionals is to acquaint the public with modern architecture and progressive action to contribute to improving the quality of architecture and urban public space. In our work we strive for the highest level and quality in all areas, but also do not want to compromise the independence of our ambitions. Constant search for funding for activities CCEA diverts our attention from the professional and the responses also useful work.

Therefore we call for your support to CCEA:

Direct sponsorship or donations.

When deciding whether to contribute or not, don't forget that we are a nonprofit organization, and therefore your contribution is deductible from your tax base.


Bank Fio banka a.s.

Account: 2800155907/2010

IBAN: SK7783300000002800155907



All sponsors will be listed on our website, if the sponsor does not wish otherwise.

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