Looking for

We are looking for hig school, undergraduate, graduate students whose are interested in active participation 4 our projects !

R U fancy to be part of project that make sence for change? We can give you galaxy of possibilities you can turn into real. We have got ears to listen you properly. We also have got eyes to see your ideas and dreams in real colors. Besides of being dreamer, you should also be bit technical, know how to realize your thoughts. Be sensible, have common sense and know how to deal with people - via phone, email. Have excellent manners, be nice and cool.

We are looking for volunteers from among students of higher and secondary schools with an interest in architecture to help openings at distributing Poster and and other similar activities.

We would like to wake up the spirit of Central Europein. Breathe life and direction in it. Have you got your CV already ? Do you feel like you are in the centre of Europe? Please, let us know your details at: vasourkova(at)