New spaces of CCEA in Karolíny Světlé street

New spaces of CCEA

Center for Central European Architecture acquired in late 2008 to long-term lease beautiful, but now uninhabitable spaces in Karolíny Světlé Street in Prague 1. After reconstruction we need in these areas to build a center of modern architecture in which we organize lectures, seminars, exhibitions and workshops, and in this way to approach modern architecture and urbanism to the general public and thereby contribute to increasing the ability to read urban space and critically evaluate new projects, intentions and vision and a positive effect on the appearance and especially the quality of public space.

Information, walks

The information center will be oriented to all those interested in contemporary architecture, which will be able to obtain daily information on Prague's modern buildings as well as contemporary architectural and building developments in the capital, not least here knows everything about completed and upcoming projects CCEA. Based on the mapping of modern architecture in Prague prepare walking lines, which those interested in architectural tours of Prague recommend and provide them information materials.

Education, learning, playing

CCEA conceptual intention is to move the focus of activity towards education and architectural awareness. Previous Lectures and discussion will be extended practice on the educational program for high school building on the "Memorandum on a holistic and continuous training in the field of architecture" signed between the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Czech Chamber of Architects. The new center will organize all these events in their own spaces, which will have a positive impact on the quality of education, its organization and management of the CCEA.

Exhibitions, residencies

The new premises will be placed on library CCEA, which is composed of several hundred mostly foreign bonds, and which is finally due to the new location accessible to all those interested in renting. At the same time we intend to premises in Caroline Street Light used for the presentation of works of visual artists who come to Prague for residential stays. To contribute to the fulfillment of one of the fundamental ideas and visions CCEA, which is interdisciplinarity, research and describe the relationship of architecture and other fields of human activity.

Research and Theory

Another pillar of our activity is research and theoretical work, in which we focus on monitoring the interaction of architecture and blending with other arts and disciplines. The new facility will provide facilities for both their own research and to its organization and presentation of its output in the form of exhibitions, debates and workshops. The focus of research activity is currently a projectUrbanity twenty years later, in which you want to describe and interpret the changes undergone by the metropolis of Central States in the last 20 years. Another project currently underway is to make a catalog of buildings from the years 1990 - 2005 built in Prague 1 in the coming years, the project will start Prager - Schlup, in which you want to compare the conditions for the architectural work in Switzerland and Czechoslovakia of the sixties. All these projects will provide new space facilities, without which their implementation was unthinkable.

Events held in the new areas CCEA

Architecture research studio

18.11.2010 Jean luc godard --> le mepris
25.11.2010 alex proyas --> dark city
02.12.2010 florian riegel --> holdin still
werner herzog --> encounters at the end of the world
09.12.2010 nathaniel kahn --> holdin still
16.12.2010 koolhaas --> houselife

Past events held in the new areas CCEA

Summer cultural event took place in space CCEA in Karolíny Světlé street on 22nd July 2010. Tios action was organized by CCEA in cooperation with the civic association POLE and Matej Smetana. Summer Ccultural Meeting was open to cultural events, including reading, performance art and musical performances. P.O.L.E. is a young civil association dedicated to stimulating innovative cultural and educational projects in translocal scale, with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe. Founding members of P.O.L.E. are Vasil Artamonov and Alexey Klyuykov, this year nominated for Jindřich Chalupecký Award.

1st December 2009 at 18.00 was exhibition "Hot archetypes" artist Tomáš Džadoň, which was held on the occasion of Tomas residence in CCEA.
Curator: Yvette Vašourková, Lenka Lednická. Exhibition lasted until 15th February 2010th